Tuesday, October 24, 2006

This Won't End Well

Lots of words you never want to hear together in the same sentence if you're an LSU fan:

LSU Police have arrested LSU assistant strength and conditioning coach Travelle Gaines for violation of sports agent laws, Chief Ricky Adams confirmed Tuesday.

Yeah, that's probably bad. No other details yet, but here's the link.

UPDATE: A bit more information here, along with another bad word:

An LSU Police investigation that already netted one arrest has now gone inside the University. 9News has confirmed that assistant LSU strength and conditioning coach, Travelle Gaines, has been arrested for violation of sports agent laws. This is a felony in Louisiana. The charges also violate NCAA regulations.

Two weeks ago Charles Taplin of Houston, Texas was arrested for talking to LSU football players about signing as a client for an agent Taplin was representing. Now that the University has been implicated, it's unclear at this point how this will affect the football teams status this year.

A news release with the details on Gaines's arrest is expected to be released early this afternoon.


Rob said...

Bad for the conference, period.

keepitreal707 said...

All of YOU people that sit around and post, waiting to put your two cents about somebody else. First of all, we live in the US and it is innocent until proven guilty. Second, if you really want something to read, check out all of Travelle’s accomplishment. I’m sure none of you ever played ball or coached. Just a whole lot of wannabys with something to say. You don’t want to play with the BAY! bammas

Rob said...

You've got a point. I've never played a down of professional ball.

Then again, I've never been arrested for a felony, either.