Sunday, October 29, 2006

Fun With Three Idiots Named Dave

Here's this week's lowlight from our Friends at Jefferson Pilot Lincoln Financial Sports, from yesterday's Auburn-Ole Miss game:

Memo to the Daves: Courteney Cox is an actress from Birmingham. Courtney Taylor is a wide receiver from Carrollton. We know these things can be confusing to people with a room temperature I.Q., but beyond similar first names and having been born in the same state, the two really have very little in common. Please make a note of it.


Jim said...

At least he didn't call him Courtney Love.

Jeff A. said...

I call this "name dislexia". This name is obviously the love child between Courtney Taylor and Brandon Cox.

Trivia: Courteney Cox went to my high school. Didn't know her or meet her, as she's a few years older.