Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Peter Kerasotis Is Lying

I'd never heard of Florida Today columnist Peter Kerasotis until this morning. Kerasotis is a Florida grad and apparently UF's answer to Arkansas' Wally Hall: a homer so bad that even his own team's fans think he's an idiot.

Pete did very little to correct the general assumption that Florida fans have an extra whining chromosome with his Tuesday column, which made the rounds of Auburn message boards overnight (neither did writer Guerry Smith, but at least Smith was writing for an overtly partisan site). Among the many helpings of sour grapes was this whopper:

It was not a safe environment, as evidenced by the thousands of fans who rushed the field unhindered immediately after Auburn scored a gimme touchdown on the last play of the game.

I was in the stands on Saturday night, and I didn't recall seeing anybody rushing the field, much less "thousands of fans." In general, I avoid emaling small-market newspaper employees (there aren't enough hours in the day to correct the likes of Jay Tate or Neal McCready), but in this case I figured what the heck and dashed off the following:

That's a lie, Pete. Security was surrounding the field. Nobody rushed it. Now that you've had a couple of days to get over your obvious disappointment, you should print a retraction.

Petey replied,
Perhaps you can explain to me, then, who all those people were streaming onto the field before the final gun sounded. Auburn couldn't have tried a PAT even if it wanted to (and didn't).

This continued for another couple of testy emails, after which Petey apruptly stopped responding.

Unlike Pete, I don't expect anybody to take my word for this stuff, so let's go to the videotape, or rather to the high-definition recording on my Tivo. Here's a shot of the north end zone, where Patrick Lee scored Auburn's final touchdown as time expired (click on any of the photos to see them full-sized). It was taken immediately after that touchdown, as the two teams converged at midfield:

Gee, that's funny. The only people on the field appear to be security guards (they're the ones in the Osmose-yellow shirts), photographers, and football players. Seems to be plenty of space available if Auburn had wanted to bother kicking a meaningless extra point. But hey, I bet if we jump ahead a minute or so, all those drunk Auburn fans will show up:

Hmm. Not there, either. How about in the blimp view?

Now, if "thousands" of people were rushing the field, you'd be able to see them coming in from the sides and end zones, but whoops, still nobody there except the two teams. But hey, I bet that Auburn student section rushed the field like they were auditioning for parts in "Braveheart 2!"

Okay, to be fair, it's hard to see around that (quite lovely) AU flag, but on either side of it and in the end zone, you can still clearly see that the students are still in the stands, and there's nobody on the field who shouldn't be.

Well, with the exception of alleged genius Urban Meyer, I mean.

So, Peter. You're lying. You lied in print. There were never any "thousands of fans who rushed the field." And you've been caught. High-definition photographic evidence shows us that ZERO fans 'rushed the field.' So, where's your correction and apology?


UPDATE: Talk about not knowing when you're beaten. Kerasotis emails, "Can you identify for me which security guards were carrying the Auburn flags?"

Those are called "cheerleaders," Peter. They are commonly found at events known as "football games," and, believe it or not, they are allowed on the playing surface before, during and after these "games."

Give it up. You've lost. Not unlike the Gators.


Cousin Larry said...

what a complete piece of crap, did you ever send him your pictures and ask him to explain himself after being shown photographic evidence, or did he tell you he was busy because he and his friends were going to put on their jorts later that night and sodomize each other

War Eagle

Anonymous said...

Great job Will. He won't respond or comment again. I'd send this to his editor though....

AUColonel said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
AUColonel said...

Here is a copy of the email I sent.

This is probably one of many emails pointing out your inaccurate
recollection of the what transpired on October 14, 2006 at the
Auburn-Florida and your biased tone in your column. While many of
your comments are of a subjective nature, one is not. You state,
unequivocally, that Jordan-Hare was unsafe or rather in your words,"
It was not a safe environment, as evidenced by the thousands of fans
who rushed the field unhindered immediately after Auburn scored a
gimme touchdown on the last play of the game." There is video
evidence, my recollection, and the recollection of many others
provides overwhelming evidence that your statement is not only false,
but a downright lie. I was at the game, I stayed after the game to
watch the live sportscenter, and I can state, without any hesitation,
that there were no fans that rushed the field at anytime. I don't
know what type of journalistic or ethical standards that you have to
follow, but apparently they are not that high. Your column is message
board material at best. You take innuendo and half-truths and publish
them as fact. Well, I take that back, your statement regarding the
'mythical' fans rushing the field was not even a half-truth.

I really don't like dignifying your column with a response, but with
the out and out falsehood that you wrote and presented as fact, I felt
a response was necessary.

Lein Shory said...

Actually, Will, those weren't cheerleaders with the Auburn flags. They were in fact me and several other fans. You see, two other fans and I always make sure to bring our giant Auburn flags on giant 10' Auburn flagpoles with us to games just in case we need to storm the field. It creates the illusion that thousands of students are storming the field and helps send the message that any crybaby, lying sports columnists better get outta town. We're in fact going to submit our tactic to the U.S. military, because why spend billions on aircraft and weaponry when you can achieve shock and awe with a few guys with Auburn flags?

Erik said...

Peter Kerasotis...What A Turd.

Rob said...

This is worthy of a Google Bomb

wrdmegl said...

haha great post. i saw this articale this morning from a ling off of you should read the comments from people on that page. pretty funny stuff. Also, great pictures, id love to see you post a page full of them so that i can save some. (my sisters were on with an orange defense sign at 2:11 left in the 3rd quarter. im sure theyd love a great pic or 2 of it.) anyway, great blg in general. i really enjoy it.


King of Tigerland said...

Great site......great blog. He is a complete jackass

Wilbur Churchill

Henry "Conductor" Gomez said...

As a Gator I'm embarrassed by what that jackoff wrote.

Jeff A. said...

Will, I'm surprised you even wasted blog space on this guy. There's been enough flogging of him on the various message boards ( for me). He must have received hundreds of e-mails after that article. The moron.

Even in your photo from the "meaningless touchdown" endzone, you can see the security in yellow at the far perimeter (spaced 8 - 10 ft. apart, I'd say). I was at the game too (section 16). Most of us stayed in the stands for a good while after the game, but we didn't storm the field.

And his article mentioned something about the Leak fumble that was "clearly" a forward pass. Yes, his arm was in motion, but there was nothing clear about the ball being released. Although, according to the NCAA rules, the ball in motion starts with the motion of the arm, not with the release of the ball. So with that, it might've been a forward pass. Or if the ball landed straight down from the point of release, it would've been a fumble anyway. But then that couldn't be because Trey Blackmon knocked it down. Regardless, the replay guy couldn't conclusively state it was a fumble. If it was called a forward pass, it wouldn't have been reviewable (which is why refs are now generally letting those plays play out), but if it could be reviewed, there wasn't enough evidence to overturn that. So it was completely a judgement call, even in slo-mo. The moron needs to get over it.

And don't get me started on Lee Corso stating that Instant Replay at Auburn is a sham.

WDE anyway.

ghjaxman said...

I'm a gator and the guy is a wingnut. About the fumble. It was a judgement call. What really did us in was Leak throwing the chuck and duck later.

Meyer should have had Tebow in on the play in question. Also most times you have a safety and a blocked punt you lose the game. Hopefully we will get another shot in the SEC championship game

BD57 said...

Gee, I guess we won't get another shot in the SEC Championship game, will we????

You were fine until you called our coach an idiot.

Your guys don't have to go to such lengths to justify the fumble call, either.

The biggest gripe Gators have with the call is the replay official didn't even deem it worthy of a look see.

As for the call itself - it was a judgment call. I don't agree with the call that was made, but that doesn't matter.

Hey, on December 2nd - - enjoy the game.