Monday, October 23, 2006

Seminole Uprising

According to ESPN, some big chiefs of the Florida State Seminole Nation have had enough of Bobby Bowden's long goodbye:
Palm Beach attorney Peter Mettler, who is a former board member of Seminole Boosters, told the newspaper he was one of many boosters who have written to Florida State, calling for Bowden to retire.

"I am convinced and frankly have been for the last two seasons that coach Bowden should retire or be forced to retire," Mettler wrote to Florida State president T.K. Wetherell, the newspaper reported. "Someone has to stand up and make this difficult decision. As our president I urge you to be the leader I know you are, and do what has to be done."

I remember callers to post-game shows saying similar things about Paul Bryant after Alabama lost to LSU and Southern Miss in 1982. Bryant eventually agreed with them; he stepped down at the end of that season. Bowden probably doesn't have as much sense.

UPDATE: Speaking of Bryant, former Sports Illustrated reporter John Papanek has a piece on ESPN today about nearly getting roughed up by Bryant's goon squad back in 1981. The Auburn SID mentioned (but not named) was David Housel; since Auburn was notionally the home team that year, Housel was in charge of press credentials for the game.


Jim said...

As long as they're going to bury Bobby, they need to bury those hideous all-black uniforms too.

Anonymous said...

"Bryant's goon-squad?" Give me a fucking break. I know the jealousy Auburn fans harbor, but you could at least call it like it was: good ol' boy state troopers fucking with a guy they didn't like. Its not like they didn't already have a long track record of intimidating folks before the '80s.

Will Collier said...

Thanks, Hack. I'd like to take this opportunity to also thank you for basically everything you've ever written. You body of "work" continues to prove true everything I've ever thought about UAT fans and mediots, all at once.