Friday, September 01, 2006


I don't mean to pick on either South Carolina or Mississippi State--I like both fan bases a lot, and all things being equal, I generally pull for both teams--but yikes, that was an awful game last night. If it hadn't been the season opener, you'd have been able to hear remotes clicking onto something else all over the South by midway through the first quarter.

That was as pathetic a display of offensive ineptitude as I've ever seen--and I was in Auburn for Hugh Nall's debut as offensive coordinator three years ago. What's worse for both sides is, I don't think Thursday's snore-fest could have been mistaken for an old-fashioned defensive battle, because I seriously doubt that either team really has a very good defense.

It might be a long year for both the Kickin' Chickens and Other Bulldogs. There wasn't much to hang either one's hat on last night.

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jinnmabe said...

I thought that both those freshman quarterbacks had the worst "deer in the headlights" looks I'd ever seen. And the running games, ugh.

Luckily, the UTEP/San Diego St. was on later, and showed us some...ok, that one was pretty bad too, but at least it had a lot of offense.