Monday, September 18, 2006

A Fine Whine, Bottled

Hot off the presses:
SEC: Officials right in Auburn-LSU
Posted: Monday September 18, 2006 1:20PM

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) -- The Southeastern Conference determined that officials made the right decision in reversing a pass interference call late in the Auburn-LSU game.

"Basically, the call of removing the flag would be correct because the ball was uncatchable after the defender tipped it," SEC media relations director Charles Bloom said Monday.

Auburn defensive back Zach Gilbert was flagged for interfering with receiver Early Doucet deep in Auburn territory in the 7-3 LSU loss. The flag was waved off because officials deemed that Eric Brock's tip of the ball made it uncatchable.

Another controversial fourth-quarter call that went Auburn's way was also correct, Bloom said.

An LSU interception on third-and-29 was negated because Daniel Francis was penalized for interference on receiver Courtney Taylor, giving Auburn an automatic first down.

That pass was ruled a catchable ball, Bloom said.

LSU coach Les Miles had complained after the game about both decisions, saying the interference on Taylor "didn't disable him from catching the ball."

Miles also said he believed the other play should have been pass interference because the ball was tipped downfield, not at the line of scrimmage.

The rule states only that an infraction occurs when the contact "could prevent the opponent the opportunity of receiving a catchable forward pass."

It's not really a surprise that Time Out Lester needs a rules refresher, and way too much to hope for that this'll shut down the whine-a-thon on the LSU boards today, but what the heck. This weekend's SEC slate suck-diddley-ucks, Flanders! Might as well talk about last Saturday's awesomeness for as long as we can.


Rusty said...

On my way home from the game, I heard a caller to one of the show say something that matched my feeling after the game. I need a nap. That game completely exhausted me, emotional and physically. One thing however, everyone talked about how loud the game was, but I wondered at timeswhy no one was cheering. Last year's Alabama game and the 2004 GA game was louder in my opinion.

Jeff A. said...

That's great the tipped ball was deemed uncatchable. I'll take the win and run. But... I'm no ref, so maybe this point is moot, but I would think the tackling by Gilbert just before the ball was tipped should've still been called illegal contact or defensive holding. I know it's legal if it happened after the ball was tipped. And AFAIK, this is not a replay reviewable play. So it had to be made by the refs on the field, and perhaps they couldn't determine the timing of the tackle vs. the tip, so they got it right with the information they had. I guess I'm kinda surprised the SEC either didn't consider this detail, or I don't know the rule well enough, and it was done correctly.

Check out what happened in the Oregon-Oklahoma game to see how bad refs and replay officials can screw up several calls and definitely affect the outcome. I have sympathy for Oklahoma only in that regard. Otherwise... none.

AUBIGJOE said...

How can anyone have sympathy for that cry-baby Stoops?

Jeff A. said...

I have none for Stoops. I do for the team and the university. An injustice has been done. It ends there. Many have been done in the past, sans replay (5th downs, etc.). But this was inexcusable with replay.