Tuesday, September 26, 2006


The ongoing saga of Ed Oregano at Ole Miss takes another turn today, as the rumor mill weighs in with variations on the following allegations (in this case, from Gridscape):
Orgeron's neighbor sent Orgeron's kids home from playing rough or something with her kids. Orgeron comes home, busts a gut when he hears about it, and goes over to the neighbor's house (wife at home, not the husband) and kicks the door in and has a screaming fit. It scares the women to death so she calls her husband, who calls the cops and wants to file a restraining order. He goes to the police station where he is met by Robert Kayak, who talks him out of it.

Not long after Oregon was hired, an SEC coach was quoted as saying (off the record) that Origami would run Ole Miss into the ground and be gone in less than three years. If any of the current story pans out, "Coach Zero" will hit that prediction well ahead of schedule.

Hat tip to Orson.

UPDATE: You know it's getting bad when Billy Brewer unloads on Ogre. From one program-wrecker to another, as it were.

UPDATE UPDATE: Click for an MP3 of "The Ballad of Coach O," which is, hands-down, the funniest SEC-coach-inspired song since Mark and Bryan's "Diggin' Up Bear" way back in 1984.

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