Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Little Whiner

Alabama coach Nick "I'm not going to be the Alabama coach" Saban whined to BamaOnline this week about his schedule--hilariously, after saying "It's something we don't ever complain about":
"I don't think it's right that last year we played Auburn on a Friday and we had a game the Saturday before, so we had to play them on a short week. And Auburn had a bye before the game. That stuff is not good for the players. It's not fair, but it's not good for the players, either." 
Well, I'll tell you, Flipper--you should really have a talk with your athletic director.  If Maw Mooah hadn't gone crying to the SEC to force the Auburn-Alabama game to move to Thanksgiving weekend a few years back, against AU's wishes, we'd be playing on November 20, and Auburn wouldn't have an open date.  Auburn also opposed moving the game to Thanksgiving weekend because we knew CBS wouldn't be able to resist moving it to Friday--and we were right about that.

Of course, Maw did his crying to the conference on your bidding, after the 00's demonstrated UAT couldn't handle playing Mississippi State, LSU and Auburn back-to-back-to-back (with the order of the first two occasionally swapped). You can still have that lineup back, if Auburn's open date bothers you so much.  Just say the word.  We'll even vote with you.

So take your pick, little man.  Auburn would be perfectly happy to go back to playing Georgia and Alabama back-to-back, with no open date.  If you want to keep the game on Thanksgiving weekend, you're entirely free to pick the week before as an open date yourself.  But you can't have it both ways.

Oh, and Flipper--you can spare us the complaining about things you "never complain about."


Unknown said...

You mean playing a first year PROGRAM in Georgia St. on the Thursday before the Iron Bowl isn't an open date?

Will Collier said...

John, how can you show that kind of disrespect to Bill Curry's Fighting Freshmen? Why, I'll bet they could hang with Jacksonville State for a good five or six minutes!

Anonymous said...


Cokers said...

This argument pisses me off. If it was up to Auburn we'd play UAT the week of our off date. But b/c UAT (and others in the SEC) complained that in 2004 when we had an off week before the championship game they changed the rules and forced us to play a game the week before SEC Championship game. We naturally think we should end the season with UAT so we simply moved our off date. If you want to change it UAT then lets change it back to the way it use to be!!!!!!!

George G. said...

Bama played Tenn-Chatanooga last year and Georgia State this week. Those are more tune-ups than anything.