Friday, March 23, 2007

Sometimes It's Just Too Easy

Red, meet Neck. Again:
As early as mid-January, the Witts knew their second child was a boy, and they knew his name would be Saban.

That's right, Saban Hardin Witt, who was born Tuesday at about 5 p.m. in Decatur General Hospital, is named after Alabama head football coach Nick Saban.

The Witts of Hartselle named their first child, who is 23 months old, Tyde Timothy Witt. He's already attended several Alabama football games.

No mention whatsoever of either of the "Witts" ever having attended a single class at UAT, much less graduating, of course.

Sidewalk alums naming their kids after a football team (misspelling it along the way) and a coach who hasn't even had a spring game yet. Like I said, sometimes it's just too easy.