Monday, October 25, 2010

What He Said

Via just-took-the Boeing uber-blogger Jerry Hinnen:

Look, no one’s got more sympathy for Mario Fannin than I do. But enough is enough. That fumble might not have led directly to points, but it flipped the field position that Auburn had worked so hard to dig themselves out of right back to LSU. And a few backed-up drives later, the double-pass finally forced Auburn to pay. That touchdown was on Mario. If Dyer–who, by the by, ran for 100 yards on just 15 carries–is healthy, there’s just no reason to let Mario to carry the ball anymore. The risks are too great for the reward.
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John Stubbs said...

It's true. I feel bad for Mario, but we cannot give him the ball During important games (Ole Miss, UGA, Bama). For a senior with 57 touches on the year 4 fumbles is way too many. They should bring him in for blocking and screens in the flat (where hopefully he gets forced out of bounds). We simply cannot trust him to hold onto the football.