Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Spur Of The Moment Link-Fest

Normally I (quite happily) leave this kind of thing up to Jerry, but since he's taken CBS's Boeing, what the heck:

  • Lein Shory rips Bob Stoops and Andy Staples a well-deserved collective new one.
  •  Think they're getting a little worried about Auburn up in Tuscaloosa?  Bama Online writer Travis Reier tweets that the Tide has been practicing against AU's offense during their off-week.  I've heard the same thing from several other people today.
  •  Is it just me, or does Ivan Maisel sound more than a little butt-hurt (thank you, youth of America, for this entirely useful new phrase) over Auburn's recent success in his Monday ESPN podcast?  Either way, well worth the listen, as always.
  •  Finally, check out Andy Bitter's rundown of the early-week news from Auburn.  Another outstanding outing from the best newspaper reporter on the AU beat.

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