Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Road Ahead

As most of you noticed a couple of months back, I've signed back on as a columnist with Rivals' AuburnSports.com site for this season. Part of the Rivals deal is for the Monday-morning post-game columns that originally started over there in 2001, and then moved here to From The Bleachers in 2004. If anybody's curious, that happened because the then-coaching staff didn't react well to being called out their multiple '03 screw-ups, and threatened to shut the Rivals guys out of the Auburn athletic department if they didn't drop my column.

But that's all water well under the bridge at this point, and I was happy to accept new AuburnSports honcho Jeffery Lee's invitation to return as a columnist this year. The downside of that for all of you is, my Monday columns will only be appearing at the subscriber-only side at Rivals.

However, Jeffery is offering a free first month's subscription (their usual intro deal is just a week) to any new subscriber who comes over from FTB. If you're interested, just head over to the Auburn Rivals site, sign up for a subscription, and forward a copy of your receipt email to mail -at- fromthebleachers.net. I'll touch base with Rivals from there, and you'll get your first month credited back.

Besides the Rivals gig, I'll also be participating in al.com's weekly Blogger Roundtable, and all of that content will be linked from here, and should remain free. For the first couple of bits I wrote for al.com, I've sent them considerably more traffic than they're sending me, so many thanks to all of you for tuning in and clicking over.

That's it for reading the bulletin this season. Now on to the fun part...

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