Thursday, April 30, 2009

Noted In Passing

Kevin Scarbinsky posted a column Wednesday about the "Tiger Prowl" recruiting tour the Auburn assistants have been putting on this week. Unlike apparently everybody else in the sports world, I don't have any particular opinion about coaches riding around in limos; chalk it up to my inveterate anti-recruitnik stance, but I really don't care much one way or the other.

This, however, did catch my eye:

Has an Opelika lawyer offered to lease that white stretch Hummer to an Auburn recruit for little down and less a month?

That's a really interesting turn of phrase. Odd, isn't it, how specific it is about somebody in a particular occupation being involved in a very distinct recruiting violation? Now, why would the feature columnist for the state's largest paper make a veiled reference to a booster arranging for a recruit to get the keys to a large, truck-like vehicle?

The line would qualify as one of those obscure things that make you go "Hmm..."--that is, unless you believe Scarbinsky doesn't know the score.

Put that thought to rest: Scarbinsky knows the score, whether he's being allowed by the Bamaham News suits to write explicitly about it or not.

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