Thursday, April 30, 2009

Exodus: Terence Moore

Jerry Hinnen--who actually still has a job in the newspaper business--on the recently-departed and already un-missed Terence Moore:

Trust me, Terence Moore: it was never your job to make me think. It was your job to explain why I should think the same way you think. Forgive me, but I think the inability to understand the difference between those two objectives--why the first gets you only halfway to where you need to be, why not risking being right can only result in being wrong--goes a long way towards explaining why neither Terence Moore nor tons of other former sports columnists have their job at all anymore.

What he said. Unlike others in the "Exodus" series, Moore's "work" won't be missed by much of anybody. He was already the least-read columnist in a largely-unread newspaper. Where he goes from here... well, who really cares? Let's just be glad he's gone.

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