Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nelson Muntz Alert

Final score: Louisiana-Monroe 21, Alabama 14.

The players on the University of Alabama sideline began to head for the locker room before the clock struck 00:00. Most exited without a handshake for the opponent, and all exited with their chins hanging in the dirt.

When the Crimson Tide's humbling 21-14 loss to Louisiana-Monroe became official on Saturday, when the 92,138 at Bryant-Denny Stadium finished booing their team as it fled the field, even those who participated couldn't believe the result.

"Just looking at the scoreboard, seeing Louisiana-Monroe 21, University of Alabama 14 ... Kind of crazy. Real crazy," said Alabama receiver Matt Caddell.

22 Alabama players are part of the sixth consecutive senior class to head into a losing locker room on senior day. Instead, it was the third loss in a row this season for Alabama (6-5).

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J.M. said...

That Nelson Muntz photo is beautiful. Just beautiful. What a glorious week that lies before us. But the little voice that keeps pecking away at my confidence keeps telling me that Saban's spies were too busy watching Auburn to focus on ULM.