Monday, November 26, 2007

All Your Nutt Are Belong To Us

Forget Steve Spurrier. The real Evil Genius in college football isn't even a coach. He's uber-agent Jimmy Sexton.

According to published reports, Sexton's just-unemployed-at-Arkansas client Houston Nutt is in the midst of entertaining offers from Ole MIss and Georgia Tech, both of whom fired their own coaches within the last 72 hours.

That's mind-boggling. Here we have a middling, just run off from his own alma mater coach who'd be the biggest clown in the SEC if not for Les Miles and Ed Orgeron (and I guess now I should limit that to Miles)... and Sexton's got two founding members of the conference firing their coaches and upping the ante to hire the guy. Yeah, they're founding members who ain't what they used to be by a long shot, but still.

Even if this is just another example of Sexton spinning to gullible mediots, it's still amazing. Sexton's evil, but he's like, Darth Vader, Hannibal Lecter evil. You can't help but watch in awe.

UPDATE: Ole Miss "wins" the Nuttstakes, per this AP article in the Clarion-Ledger (I like the Department of Redundancy Department notice about Nutt's record: "He is 111-70 in 15 years as a head coach, compiling a 111-70 record at Arkansas, Boise State and Murray State").

It's obvious that Nutt will be a better coach than Ed Orgeron; then again, my sister's dog would be a better head coach than Ed Orgeron. The questions are whether Nutt can (a) recruit in a small state that unlike Arkansas, he doesn't have to himself, (b) manage the unrealistic (to be polite) expectations of the Ole Miss fanbase, and (c) keep his clown act in enough check to placate the "Ole Miss Whiteheads" who bankroll that program.

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Maestroh said...


Bill here.

While I'm no fan of Les Miles, I find it amusing you call him one of the SEC's two biggest clowns. The last time I looked, he'd beaten Auburn 2 out of three times.

Oh, I'm sure he doesn't deserve credit for that, right? Those aren't HIS players, right?

So who do you give credit to? Saban for recruiting them? Miles for melding them?

Kind of between a rock and a hard place when it comes to actually having to give credit now, wouldn't you say?

Ole Miss has just opted to stink up the joint. Funny how folks forget that in Arkansas he WAS the coach. In MS, his recruiting in a state of about the same size will be harsh with Croom and whoever succeeds Bower at USM. And don't forget that pipeline of Mississippi born players that go to Alabama and Tennessee as well.

Nutt only thought he had it hard at Fayetteville. Just wait until the first time he loses to the Hawgs - given the current OM situation, probably next fall.