Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Good CFN column by Barrett Sallee on the Malzahn retention here, read the whole thing, but of note:
What seems to be lost in this is the statement that was made with Malzahn’s decision. With so many people assuming that the NCAA hammer may drop on Auburn because of Mississippi State’s recruitment of Cam Newton, Malzahn chose to pass up more money and power to stay at Auburn for another year. That tells me that he’s not concerned about the NCAA at all – and he probably knows more than the rest of us.
Reading any (and I mean any) comment threat in which Auburn is mentioned these days would lead one to believe Sallee is obviously off his rocker here. By my rough estimate, 99.2827% of the internet is firmly convinced that Auburn won't have a football program by mid-2011.

I mean, what could Gus Malzahn possibly know that they don't...?

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Fred said...

An excellent point, which anyone who can use logic would see immediately. Unfortunately, that rules out most of the Internet message board population.

And fantastic decimal precision with "99.2827%"- the reference within did not slip by unnoticed. Well-played! War Eagle!!