Monday, June 14, 2010

More "Journalism" From ESPN

Here's ESPN SEC blogger Chris Low, in (admittedly) a nice-ish column about the 2004 Tigers:

After all, go back and check how many times over the past two decades that an SEC team has run the table with an unblemished record.

The answer: Four.

Alabama did it in 1992 and again last season. Both were national championship clubs. Tennessee did it in 1998 and also won the national championship.

The fourth was Auburn in 2004.
Um, Chris, that number is actually five.  The fifth undefeated team was Auburn, in 1993.  You may recall hearing a little something about that.


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Van Allen Plexico said...

Thanks for pointing that out, Will. Stuff like that always drives me crazy. Until last year's bama team, Auburn was the *only* SEC school to go undefeated twice since the '92 league division split.

Here's another stat I'd love to get an update on: By my calculations a few years ago, Auburn in the last 20 years or so had a winning record against every other SEC school except Florida. Despite our domination of UF in this century, we probably still haven't overcome that bad run from 1995-2000. But otherwise, that stat may still hold true. We should even still have a winning record against Saban, I think.