Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Bloomin' Early

AuburnSports.com is reporting that Auburn has accepted a bid to play in the 2010 Outback Bowl in Tampa. The opponent will be either Wisconsin or Northwestern; which one is to be determined after the Badgers play Hawaii this Saturday.

Have to say that I'm quite surprised, although pleasantly so. Getting a New Year's Day bowl in his first year is a pretty darn nice feather in Gene Chizik's cap. And yes, Jay Jacobs deserves a big attaboy for his part in landing the bid. The only bad part is that awful kickoff time--ten in the ay-em.


AubTigerman said...

Great for Chzik and staff. I'm excited for our boys! And... UGA to Shreveport ? I love it.

Jeff said...

Will, I'm going. Get up with me if you decide to go. Northwestern? Fine, I don't care. I wouldn't have minded another shot at Wisconsin (we beat them before, but not this last time). But they are probably a better team than us this year. NW we should be able to handle. Depends which offense shows up.

Xavier said...

...'Buffoonery'? you just love that word, don't ya....

Kodi in the wildcat just doesn't seem to fit. He seems tentative running the ball which is the main reason for him to be in there. As for the deep passes, I felt like the coaches wanted to give him personally a shot to make a big play. Almost like a reward for his unselfishness this year. The second one was like putting him back on the horse. one more shot and....nope.

The look of this year's team was different than any I can remember. The heart however, was as big as any. Ultimately that's why this will always be one of my favorite teams.

P.S. And I... will be with you again. :-)