Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Pill Of Chillness

Coaching changes are by definition turbulent times, but this is just way over the top:
Today, Auburn finds itself in its deepest abyss in school history.
As Gretzky said to Bo, "No."

As little fun as the last three months have been, matters on the Plains are not even remotely as bad as during 1977-80, or 1991-92, or in the even-worse-than-this-year debacle of 1998. The NCAA is not on campus (well, not on our campus). Auburn has won significant football games within the last 13 months. The conditioning program has not collapsed. The Auburn City Jail is not having to rent out apartments on Magnolia Avenue to get a place to put all the arrested football players.

Things. Have Been. Much. Worse.

It's been a week since Tuberville resigned/was fired/what the hell, left. A week is not an indication of biblical disaster. Dogs and cats are not living together in the luxury suites of Jordan-Hare. Everybody obviously wants to see some resolution to the coaching search as soon as possible, but people, we are not on a deadline. There's no bowl to practice for, and no reason to panic just because there hasn't been a press conference on the schedule that you (and I) would have preferred.

This is a crazy situation, but if the 1990's taught Auburn fans anything, it should have been not to get emotionally attached to football coaches. Fact of life, they will come and they will go. If it makes you feel any better (and it should), they actually tend to stay longer at Auburn than in most other stops in this conference.

Now, is Jay Jacobs my idea of the perfect athletic director? Not in the least. Am I thrilled with the way things have gone over the last week-to-a-year? Hell, no. But get a grip, people. The sky is not falling. It's a job search. It's not Armageddon. Take the pill of chillness, and leave the blind coach-idolatry to others. Auburn will have another head coach before long, and if history is any guide, he'll probably be a good one.

If I may close by quoting from Say Anything, "Chill! You must chill!"


Joanna said...

my thoughts exactly...thanks!

Skywalker said...

Oh you say that now.

Anonymous said...

Good comments...need something to offset most of the sports columinists in the state who seem primarily interested in "stirring the pot".

AubTigerman said...

I'm so thankful for ....
a sane voice! I am most disappointed in those that have the influence of the internet on the Auburn family stirring the pot. We have Fienbaum, Scarbinsky, and ESPN to do that. We don't need to shoot our own.
I'm convinced that most of the divisiveness we are experiencing is caused by two reasons. the first being irresponsible Auburn post. Will it appears that you and Phllip Marshal have the only rational post on the matter. Reading your comments are an encouragement in a sea of blame, vituperation. and negativity.
I wanted Tommy to stay. However I now believe he deserves some of the credit for this situation. IF he truly meant his comments last Wednesday "I'm thankful for what Auburn's done for me...I'm an Auburn person and I want to help Auburn all I can." Then he will go on camera and say "chill lets move forward". But even if he doesn't. I Believe In Auburn And LOVE It.

tennessee tiger said...

Great movie, great line. Good soundtrack, too.