Monday, August 04, 2008

Exodus: Tony Barnhart

Following up on last week's post regarding the ongoing exodus of top talent from newspapers comes today's news that the only remaining reason to read the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is on his way out the door. Per several online reports, Tony Barnhart has accepted a "voluntary" buyout and will leave the paper.

Barnhart, a near-universal pick as the best college football reporter in the country, will certainly have a new job (hopefully in the new media) before the ink is dry on his buyout check, if not sooner. As far as I'm concerned, this completes the AJC's descent into irrelevance (an impression confirmed by the realization that Terence Moore and Mark Bradley are apparently staying on).


Rowland Office said...

As a former Atlanta journalist, I know a lot of people who work, or used to work, at the ajc. Barnhart and Furman Bisher took the so-called buyout. The newsroom staff has been literally halved in the past five years. Sad.

Just discovered your blog. I look forward to reading it this season and beyond. War Eagle and Go Braves.

Chris Pocock said...

Barnhart is terrific! CBS should jump all over this news and get Barnhart in the studio on Saturday afternoons. It wouldn't hurt my feelings if Spencer Tillman was moved out of the studio.