Friday, December 14, 2007

Plagiarism at the Alex City Outlook

From Pat Forde's column at on December 11, 2007:
[T]hose Arkansas fans ready to embrace their new hotshot coach and his pretty ball plays need to understand one thing:

The disingenuous drifter doesn't love you or any other fan base. He doesn't love any school or any NFL franchise. He loves himself, his playbook and his bank account.

That's it. Don't expect it to change.

Bobby Petrino will return your embrace, Hog fans. But while he's hugging you he'll be looking over your shoulder, scanning the terrain for his next hook-up.

Even in a profession rife with dishonest posturing, Petrino is singularly mercenary. Loyalty, allegiance, commitment and honesty are foreign concepts to him. It must be a sad existence.

I apologize to Alabama's Nick Saban -- last year I named him president of the Liar's Club. He's been impeached and replaced by the disingenuous drifter.
(Emphasis mine above and below.)

From Bruce Meyers' column in the Alexander City (AL) Outlook, December 13, 2007:
Nick Saban should send flowers to Petrino for taking the Arkansas job. Now the media can get off of Saban's back about how he handled the job change. They are calling Petrino the disingenuous drifter.

To the Hog fans: Petrino doesn't love you or any other fan base. He doesn't love any school or NFL franchise. Petrino loves himself, his playbook and his bank account. Petrino is a mercenary at best. Loyalty, allegiance commitment and honesty are foreign concepts to this guy.

Coach Saban, you have been impeached and replaced.
Meyers makes it a point to say twice in the column linked above, "I am not an Alabama fan." Maybe, maybe not, Bruce, but you are a plagiarist.

UPDATE: As of the morning of December 15, the Alex City Outlook has replaced Meyers' column at the link above with an unrelated AP article.

Uh, guys, this is the internet. We can save stuff. And we have. Try again.

UPDATE UPDATE: Per an email response from AC Outlook publisher Tim Reeves, the Meyers column was replaced on the website due to the site's policy of posting items on consecutive days under the same "tagline." I've replaced the link above with the correct link to the Friday Meyers column, and also corrected the date of that column above to December 13.


Lein Shory said...


Unknown said...

He's apparently not very bright either. Does he not think someone besides himself reads ESPN? Or maybe copying off someone else's paper is how he got through 'journalism' school.

jweathers said...

Pretty unethical thing to do, but I hope it doesn't cost the guy his lively hood. I think your insinuation that The Outlook pulled the article as part of a cover up is way off base. I read the article for the first time about 11:30 PM last night, and went to look at it again (because of the plagarism) at a little after midnight. It was gone. However, I'm pretty familiar with Alex City in general, and don't think anyone was up working at that time on a paper no one reads.

Unknown said...

The column isn't on the sports page anymore, but it is still on the site. Use the archive search if the link below doesn't work.

Jimec said...

Yea Jason it's not like ethics really matter that much. You know, maybe I could be a sportswriter. I can cut and paste and I'm not an Alabama fan either.