Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Mustain to Megadeth--uh, I mean, Tulsa

Thought the Arkansas soap operas were over? Think again:
Mike Irwin has learned Mitch Mustain is leaving the University of Arkansas. Independent sources confirm that Mitch is moving out of the Athletic Dorms this afternoon and won't be attending the University of Arkansas this spring. This comes after yesterday's announcement that UA Offensive Coordinator Gus Malzahn is leaving for the University of Tulsa.

Yeah, I think that'll get some attention in Pigville. Brace yourselves for a full-on Wally Hall jihad tomorrow morning.

Seriously though, Swine people, you are better off over the long term without the Springdale Brat Pack. It would have done your program no good whatsoever to tie your fortunes to that bunch of overgrown little leaguers--and I include the parents and coach in that description. You've had some good reasons to be mad at Houston Nutt over the years, but this ain't one of them.

Frank Broyles, well, that's another story.


Robert said...

I'm stuck here in Tulsa with minor league football, but the gloat level is off the charts. They're licking their chops. Having swiped a coach from a conference rival, they're now swiping a QB (although I'm not at all sure he's going to be that good) from the SEC. They may have reason to regret it later on.

David M. Smith said...

Hi Will,

People in Arkansas have been waiting for a football Savior for as long as I can remember. Legend has it, Mustain was born in a manger in a Wal-mart parking lot.

Most college programs, even in the SEC, would give their marbles for the one/two combo of DMac and Jones, but in Fayetteville it’s not enough to win the SEC West, nothing short of a title game is acceptable to many of the unreasonable fans.

Every Athletic Director and every Head Coach make some decisions that deserve criticism. At least Broyles and Nutt are doing everything they can do to win with a program in a state without much high school talent. (DMac excepted.)

The razorbacks, the tigers, and every other team in college football are better off without players who are more interested in personal stats than team accomplishments.

Remember when college football was about clear skies, autumn afternoons, and team passion? It seems like such a long time ago!

s1c said...

Not sure if you saw the latest but Mustain has enrolled for the spring semester. Which seems to me to be that he will be back. My problem with this whole situation is that Nutt blew it when he pulled him after the interception and basically from what I could see ignored the kid the rest of the year. Personally, I am sick of Nutt.