Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Turdistan Held Hostage: Day One

Breaking News: The following memorandum was just faxed to FTB world headquarters from a secret inside source in Tuscaloosa:

From The Desk Of Maw Mooah

Prospect List:
1. Steve Spurrier
2. Nick Saban
3. Belichick guy with all the good press
4. Bill Parcells

written in margin: This isn't working out. Must listen to Finebaum show tonight for more suggestions from callers. Damn it, we need some Bear Boys for this list. Where is Danny Ford's phone number? Ask secretary to confirm whether Charley Pell is actually dead.


stavr0s said...

If Shula's buyout is $4 million, then the incoming coach sure can hold out of a lot of dough.

I've read that denizens are tracking tail numbers of airplanes in and out of Tuscaloser in an attempt to decode who the next victim of Maw Mooah and Bear Jr will be.

Rehire Fran? LOL

Honk if you've coached at Bama!

Unknown said...

My uncle seriously does want Danny Ford for head coach. And I can only assume he's not alone.