Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Posted Without (Much) Comment

Total offensive touchdowns over the last 8 games vs. SEC opponents:

Auburn: 26
Florida: 26
Vanderbilt: 26 (!)
Georgia: 22
LSU: 22
South Carolina: 21
Arkansas: 20
Tennessee: 17
Kentucky: 16
Ole Miss: 10
Mississippi State: 9
Alabama: 8


Jim said...

Hey, Will, did you read Paul Finebaum's article today about Shula the Spin Doctor?

Will Collier said...

Finebaum's playing his game, ginning up interest in the radio show. I tuned in for Pat Dye's interview yesterday and wound up listened for about an hour. Every call was about firing or not firing Shula (most of them were for firing). "Getting coaches fired" is kind of his trademark.

Not that any of that makes him wrong in this case. Shula has no clue

Jim said...

PF definitely plays games. Notice how he's played up Auburn lately, so he can bitch about us when we finally lose one? But I thought today's column was funny regardless.

By they way, nice blog you have here.

Robert said...

The funny/odd/scary/sad thing is that Bama won four of those eight games! If we ever do get an offence (in other words once Mikey gets the deep six) we're going to be a pretty good team.

At this point I think David Shula would be an improvement...