Sunday, August 27, 2006

Credit Where It's Due

Okay, just a little more not-very-football-related content.

Many, many thanks are due to my old bud Lein Shory for doing the site design. As anybody who clicked over to Will's World can plainly see, I have all the design ability and style of, er, an engineer. Without his help, this site would look remarkably like a generic Blogger template, so all together now: "THANKS, LEIN!"

Secondly, here's another big thank-you to Stephen Green, the one and original Vodkapundit, for selflessly sharing his blog and bandwidth over the last few years. Steve's forbearance in putting up with all the college football content I insisted on cluttering his political blog with clearly indicates that he's either (a) a prince of a guy, or (b) a lot drunker than even I'd thought most of the time. Steve's 2003 invitation to join Vodkapundit was a huge creative catalyst for me, and I owe the guy a lot. One of these days, we might even manage to meet up for a drink, and when we do, it'll be on me.

Last but certainly not least, many thanks to Will Woods and Bryan Matthews at for starting up the original "From The Bleachers" columns, and for their support over the years. They certainly didn't have to keep plugging my stuff at Rivals after I stopped writing for the site, but they've done it anyway, and I'm lucky to call them friends as well as colleagues.

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