Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New at Rivals: Chicken Fried

Here's a link to my post-game column for South Carolina at AuburnSports.com.  A preview:
It's become fashionable of late to say that [Steve] Spurrier has mellowed. His abject failure in the NFL and long stint of mediocrity at South Carolina have, on occasion, humbled the guy once known as "Coach Superior." Spurrier's pre- and post-game zingers have given way to a more human face over the years, but the old insufferable Stevie still pops out on occasion, and Saturday night was one of those times. In his post-game press conference, Spurrier peevishly charged, "It came down to the fumbles."

Well, no, Visor Boy. What it came down to was your career-long refusal to abide by the first two commandments of SEC football:
thou shalt run the ball, and thou shalt stop the run. Auburn lived and thrived by those commandments Saturday; your guys couldn't run or stop the run at all, and you paid for it.

Going all the way back to your years at Florida, your chronic impatience and ex-quarterback's obsession with airing it out has bitten your teams in the butt every time you couldn't simply out-talent the other guys. Those towering receivers and tricky routes of yours are still plenty impressive, but you got beat--again--because the rest of your team couldn't handle a physical SEC game on either side of the ball.

And as far as fumbles are concerned, you're plenty smart enough to know that if you didn't get two gifts from Auburn in the first half, that game isn't even close in the second.
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