Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Exodus: Pete Pelegrin

Check out this extraordinary kiss-off post from now ex-Miami Herald sportswriter Pete Pelegrin, who'd been assigned to cover Florida International sports, only to be repeatedly see his work spiked and/or ignored.

Big hat-tip to Jay Christensen for giving me the the heads-up on this one.  Like Jay said to me in an email, read it before they take it down (Jay's saved a copy at WizOfOdds in case of just such an event).

UPDATE:  Jay's prediction was correct; Pelegrin's post has been flushed down the Herald's online memory hole.

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Joe Blow said...

Wow, kind of reminds me of the B'ham rag. I remember opening the paper the morning Auburn was to play Wisconson in the Music City Bowl in '03. I get to the sports page, and was kind of shocked to find that there was no story about it on the front page! Instead, there's a story about Bama beating Penn St. 25 years prior (which was on the 1/1, and not 12/31). Remember, Bama couldn't go to a bowl game in '03 due to probation.