Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oily Irony

As noted here a few weeks back, long-time Birmingham News mediocrity and certified Nick Sucker Ray Melick recently left both the paper and the newspaper business.  In an example of irony worthy of Biff Henderson's Realm of Mystery, it turns out Melick's new job is... spokesman for British Petroleum.

Really, it wasn't that much of a career change for old Ray.  One on the one hand, you've got a steady gig as an apologist and booster for an oily, dishonest and generally disreputable megalomaniac... and on the other, you get to be the mouthpiece for BP.

Looks pretty good on him, now that I think about it.


Jonesy said...

I'm going to be using this a lot

tigerbuckeye said...

Will..You are as funny as ever. Well done. "Jolly Roger" Jay

Maestroh said...

Yeah. Funny to watch Auburn fans call Saban dishonest when Tubs set the bar so low.