Wednesday, September 09, 2009

You Can Take Corn Dogs Out Of Red Stick, But...

A relative in Seattle who was invited to the LSU-Washington game last weekend took the following snapshot of road-tripping Bengal fans representing the SEC some team that wears purple out on the Left Coast:

I got a particular kick out of the guy third from the left who appears to be texting with one hand and... well, you can figure out the rest.

Stay classy, you crazy Corn Dogs purple-wearing booze-hounds.

UPDATE: In the comments, Ryan points out (correctly) that at least one of the guys in the photo above is wearing a Washington cap and jersey.

Hell, I thought all they wore out there was flannel shirts, but the point is taken: Washington, you officially also have drunk rubes for fans.


Ryan said...

I hate to be the one to do this, but the second guy from the left looks like he has a "W" on his hat.

Also, the 2 jerseys are #10, which is either the Washington star QB Jake Locker, or the LSU freshman QB Russell Sheppard (who has yet to play).

Combine the above two facts with the lack of yellow, and I think these are Washington fans.

Besides, if they were LSU fans, they'd be standing in the middle of that street trying to pee on the passing cars.

Anonymous said...

...those are most definately Washington Husky fans.

Nice try.

TigerDave said...

Should've checked out the facts before you blogged this. LSU's color of the day was gold. Those were U-dub fans.

Gerald said...

Funny thing about UW. No drinking allowed on campus, but no problem with people peeing all over the place. Saw it several areas, and yes, most are UW fans.