Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Morning Links

Couple of good links to share today, starting with Kevin Scarbinsky, aka the only readable sports columnist in Alabama (give or take Cecil Hurt, but until Cecil puts down the Kool-Aid, I'm content to watch from afar). Kevin makes a more-than-cogent point here, and one you won't read much of anywhere else outside the Auburn blogosphere:

Speaking of fun, that’s what Auburn football has become again. Taylor has been a big part of the attitude adjustment. Unlike certain long-time members of the previous staff, no one could accuse him of putting in time until he’s vested in the state retirement system.

Suffice to say, Kevin wasn't talking about Don Dunn. *cough*Ensminger*cough*

And on the national front, here's a big plug for the Sporting News' weekly feature "This Week In Schadenfreude," which compiles some of the funniest instant reactions from blogs and message boards of the previous Saturday's losing teams. Literally every other blogger in the country is kicking himself for not thinking of this one first; it is an absolute riot every week. A sample, from a fan of Auburn's next opponent:

Remember when Ball State was going to play Boise State in a battle of undefeateds? And then they lost and everyone forgot about it? Yeah, they keep losing. Lots. Over the Pylon has a commemorative Stan Parrish birthday haiku:

poop feces dung s---
cow-patty diarrhea
brown-snake crap turd log

That's about right for a team that just lost to North Texas, New Hampshire, and Army. Enjoy this weekend's Auburn game.

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Xavier said...

Nice call on the "This week in..." site. I was LMAO and crying the whole time. Esp the Arkansas boards.