Sunday, February 06, 2011


Actual photos taken around February 3, 2011, of the concourse outside Bryant-Denny Stadium:

That's winter rye grass in the shape of two now-familiar numbers; from what I understand the UAT physical plant has already received orders to get out there with the Roundup, but the photographic evidence (and it's real, not a Photoshop; click on the pictures to see large versions) remains.

As Dash Rip Rock used to say about the use of alcohol, we here at FTB do not condone such shenanigans... but we do understand them.

UPDATE: Here's a view of the whole thing:

Impressive. Most impressive.

UPDATE UPDATE: A commenter at EDSBS has an inspired suggestion for the grounds crew in Tuscaloosa:


doctorpaul34 said...
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tigerbuckeye said...

Just a reminder...

"hey bammer, who's your Daddy?"

rnbnatl said...

Props for the Dash Rip Rock reference!