Friday, November 19, 2010

New at Roundtable Part 2

The rest of my contribution to this week's Blogger Roundtable is up. Here's a preview:

Auburn question: Onterio McCalebb had another solid game against Georgia, and has really picked things up since that talk with Bo Jackson. Talk about McCalebb's development and how he compares to Auburn's other running threats of the past and present.

The obvious answer is diminutive early-80's star Lionel James, but personally, when I look at McCalebb, I don't really think of previous Auburn players, but rather the recently-departed Trindon Holliday at LSU. McCalebb is about 20 pounds heavier and five inches taller than Holliday, but they both give off the vibe of the little guy who can fly.

Certainly McCalebb's game has gone through the roof since #34 advised him to just turn it upfield and go. He's been lethal in the speed sweep, sort of a running-game equivalent to having a giant receiver who can go up and catch a fade. McCalebb kind of looks like a kid who snuck onto the field when he's standing next to the 6'-6" Cam Newton, but once he gets the ball and turns the corner, he's a kid you're going to have a hard time catching.

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Bob said...

Will...this would be good advise for Mario Fannin as well. He tends to "dance" around before he turns it up.