Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Double Shot Of PFD

Who says Pat Dye is congenitally conservative?  At age 70 (and pushing 71), he's starting on a new career as a columnist this year, with plans to pen three columns a week for the online edition of Inside The Auburn Tigers

Auburn long-timers will no doubt remember "The Dye-gest," a Dye column that ran in the front of the pre-internet, dead-tree version of ITAT from Dye's first season in 1981 until the NCAA nixed coaches writing in single-team-oriented publications in the late 80's.  I always figured either ITAT honcho Mark Murphy or then-Auburn SID David Housel did the actual writing back then, but that was pure speculation on my part.

At any rate, here's Dye's first column of the 21st Century, plus a related interview with Doug Segrest of the Birmingham News.  Both are particularly entertaining for Dye's (accurate) descriptions of Houston Nutt and Les Miles as "squirrely."

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