Monday, April 14, 2008

You Haff My Gwatitude

I somehow missed this when it first came out, but From The Bleachers was named an AJC Staff Pick for "Best Auburn Sites" by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about a month ago. Very nice, and I thank whomever thanks are due to for the recognition.

In addition, some of you may have noticed that FTB was picked up a while back as one of ten sites recommended by on their Auburn team page. FTB and are the only blogs so honored, and also the only sites out of the ten not run by large organizations.

So, to the ladies and gents at, like the man said in "The Kentucky Fried Movie," you haff my gwatitude.

1 comment:

Xavier said...

Ya big stud! Great work and well deserved. I personaly look forward to each post. Keep up the good work :-)