Monday, July 16, 2007

... And There Was Much Rejoicing

After a six-month hiatus, Tony "I'm The Only Reason To Read The AJC" Barnhart's college football blog is back, featuring Barnhart's take on the toughest and easiest schedules in the SEC (and the ACC, but c'mon, who cares? Okay, I admit it--six weeks from the season kickoff, I care. A little, anyway).

Today's other reading assignment is this summary of Auburn's 2007 prospects from Steve Megargee at It's an excellent rundown of the good (defense), bad (road schedule) and ugly (all-freshman kicking game) ahead of the Tigers this fall. I could probably come up with a quibble here or there if I really tried, but I'd have to work at it. Very solid and knowledgeable work by Megargee.

Full disclosure: I did some freelance work for Rivals from 2001-2003. I've never met Steve Megargee.


Charles said...

Unrelated, but I liked your column on NRO today (assuming you're the same WC).

Steve Barton said...

Oh, I agree about Tony Barnhart, but how about a little love for Jim Auchmutey, a very good writer for the AJC.

Steve Barton said...

And thanks for the link to Mr. College Football, I kept checking in there for two months after the season to see if an update would appear!