Thursday, November 30, 2006

Delusion's End

Steve Spurrier put an abrupt end to the biggest collective fantasy since the last "Lord of the Rings" movie this afternoon:
SC head coach Steve Spurrier told his players Thursday afternoon that he's not leaving.

Spurrier met with the team Thursday in a previously scheduled closed-door meeting. A source close to the team told News19's Matt Barrie that Spurrier told the players that he came to Columbia, "to do things that had never been done before, including winning an SEC title," and that he's "not leaving until that's done."

He reportedly jokingly told them, "some of you might not like me, but you're stuck with me."

UAT message boards immediately filled up with variations on "we didn't want him anyway," and "this makes Saban a lock."

As Chaste Chadd once put it, the Turd Creed remains "I belive that this is a delusional world..."

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JD said...

UAT is quickly turning into the Oakland Raiders of the NCAA - they are quickly running out of candidates for the job, because anyone who is ostensibly qualified for the job knows the bullcrap they will have to deal with when confronting the passions of Turd Nation.

MZone joked that the Turds were rehiring Bear, and it may not be far from the truth.

Gene Stallings, anyone? Ray Perkins, perhaps?